Hey Kids out there :)

I see a lot of posts about bullying and it breaks my heart a little.

You see I’ve been bullied too when I was a kid and so was my brother. It was more than fifteen years ago and it really makes me sad to see things don’t change.

I was bullied first for refusing to bully another little girl.

That was in elementary school, and a rumor had started about her. Something I can’t even remember. But the popular kids decided she didn’t have to have friends anymore and that everybody had to stop talking to her.

She wasn’t in my class, and I didn’t even know her, but the day I heard that, I went to sit close to her on a bench and I said hi.

She said, you shouldn’t do that, then you’ll be friendless like me.

I replied I didn’t care. I didn’t need assholes or cowards to be my friends, and if it meant I had to spend the rest of the year alone, then so be it.

And if they insulted me I would beat the shit out of them.

It stopped.

Then the year after I first got bullied for being a nerd.

After weeks of harassment I finally confronted my main bully and slammed her head on the school’s gate.

It stopped.

Then when I arrived in junior high, the kids who bullied my brother tried to bully me.

I threatened them physically, and since I was a tall girl, they got scared.

It stopped.

Now you think, I’m gonna advise you to start throwing punches.


You see what I didn’t do? I didn’t seek for help.

I didn’t talk about my situation to adults.

That’s what you need to do.

Years later when I was working with children, I always told them there was absolutely no shame in asking for help,

That as an adult I wasn’t their enemy but their ally and that I was old enough to solve their conflicts in an equitable way.

Violence is a circle, and so is silence.

Tell your parents, tell your counselors.

I’m here if you need some advise.

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I finished the living room diorama. I’m pretty happy with how this turned out. Sorry the photographs are slightly askew.

This is a 1/6 scale miniature